Golf Courses & Clubs!

Golf Courses & Clubs

We give clubfitting a whole new meaning.

When it comes to outfitting your property beyond the gates of your resort, our sister brand, Prestwick Golf Group, takes tailored furnishings to another level. Together, we can position golf as an amenity at your property and develop a coordinating package of furnishings to extend the guest experience. Visit our golf site


Beaches & Marinas!

Beaches & Marinas

Redefine how we unwind.

For many of us, when we can take time off to relax and unwind, that time becomes sacrosanct. People need to recharge their batteries and they’ve chosen you to help in that endeavor. Provide the service and amenities that will make the most of that time. Let’s define a new way for people to experience your property.


Fitness Rooms & Tennis!

Fitness Rooms & Tennis

Embody the active lifestyle brand.

Ever heard of LOHAS? It stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability – a burgeoning market segment focused around health, fitness, personal development and more. Today’s savvy business travelers and vacationing families are increasingly seeking out exercise and recreation facilities in their stays. Is your property equipped for this growing market? Will your brand be well positioned for it?


Reception & Dining!

Reception & Dining

Give a warm welcome.

Guest arrival is a crucial moment. They might be rushing or tired from their trip, stressed out – ready to unwind. Your service in these moments, as well as your surroundings, go a long way toward making a good first impression. Set the right tone at reception and start the overall experience off on the right foot. Let’s make this touchpoint count.


Pools & Spas!

Pools & Spas

Leave work behind

Pool areas already require plenty of maintenance. Why create more work for your team? Forever·nu™ recycled plastic pool area furnishings are low-maintenance and stay looking great. Leave a positive impression on guests by presenting fresh towels from an aesthetic display. Choose Forever·nu™ and forget about work for a while, ideally your guests will too.


Start with the best and keep getting better.

Our Materials

We use the purest grade of recycled plastic, Forever·nu™ Lumber, as well as Grade A Ipe and Garapa hardwoods in our furnishings. Building quality, tailored furnishings requires the best materials as well as a commitment to continual improvement in process and construction.

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