Ipe & Garapa Hardwoods

Ipe & Garapa Hardwoods


Pronounced “Ee-Pay”, this exotic hardwood has a fine texture, lustrous reddish brown color and is as rich in character as it is dense in mass. Subtle light and dark striping make no two boards exactly alike; brought together in your tailored furnishings and nothing else is quite like it.

Exceptionally Durable

There’s good reason it got the nickname "Ironwood".

Ipe boasts the highest resistance to decay and rotting among any commercially available hardwood. Commonly used in decking and even bridge building, Ipe’s also an excellent choice for outdoor furnishings. We guarantee our Ipe material won’t suffer structural damage due to rot, decay or insect infestation for 25 years.

Incredibly Dense

One of the hardest woods known to man.

Ipe is notoriously challenging to work due to its density; it even shares the same fire rating as steel and concrete. According to the Janka hardness test, Ipe is the 6th hardest wood. Period. Nevertheless, our experienced craftsmen work it with skill.

Highly Insect Resistant

No free lunch for insects.

Ipe is highly resistant to insects all on its own—naturally. You can forgo the annual re-staining and leave it to weather to a silver patina without worrying about termites.


A golden-yellow brown that darkens with age, Garapa has a warm color and a soft, natural luster. Left to the elements, Garapa will weather to a silver-gray patina.


Considerably Durable

A strong alternative to Teak.

Garapa’s tight grain gives it good durability and moderate natural resistance to insects; it’s often thought of as an alternative to Teak. We stand behind our material and guarantee our Garapa won’t suffer structural damage due to rot, decay or insect infestation for 10 years.

Natural Shimmer

Iridescent. Incomparable.

Garapa displays a unique characteristic called wood iridescence, producing a natural shimmer. Garapa comes unstained standard.


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More about our Hardwoods

Air Dried Material

Slow Air Dried

All our hardwood lumber is air dried for 90 days before millwork. After the timbers are cut to our specific profiles, they’re stacked on lathe slats to further cure. Finally, we quality test our hardwoods upon receipt ensuring the moisture content falls within an acceptable range, minimizing checking and movement.

Slight “checking” is natural

As hardwoods are an organic material, “checking” or small splits along the grain are natural. These do not affect the structural performance of the product; in our opinion, they add character. Hardwood checking may occur most notably upon arrival, however they often close back up once acclimated to your climate.

Air Dried Material

Forgoing Annual Staining

Left to the elements, our hardwoods weather to a silver patina without significant effects on performance. Should you want to maintain the finished appearance, do so with our specialized stain available by the gallon. Either way, hardwoods are a lasting investment in your facility.

Responsible Hardwoods

Our hardwoods are harvested from managed forests from reputable suppliers complying with local and national import laws


Hardwood Construction

Time-honored craftsmanship and cutting edge applications.

Tongue and groove construction

Tongue and Groove

Engineered. Aesthetic.

Tongue and groove joinery brings multiple boards together into a single panel framed between posts and rails secured with dados and pocket-screws. An aesthetic V-groove is formed at each joining board, adding a look of depth to the furnishings. To ensure performance and longevity, our engineers built in a slight gap between each board, allowing for expansion and contraction.

Laser Engraving

A modern-day firebrand.

Stand-out brands disrupt the status quo. Solid hardwoods and wood trim furnishings can be precision laser engraved with your custom message or logo truly setting your brand apart. Leave your mark on your furnishings as well as in the minds of guests interacting with them.

Our Process

Smart Process. Great People.

Our employees and procedures ensure speed and quality.

Our “lean” manufacturing philosophy and increasingly more rigorous set of standards, balance goals as seemingly disparate as safety and speed. While our hardwoods are notoriously challenging to work, we apply a fine-tuned process ensuring fast throughput without sacrificing on quality.